EAI was formed in 1991, initially as a specialized underwater acoustic transducers and geophysical hardware manufacturer, but in 1995 we expanded to include vibrotactile transducers ("tactors") and related applications. EAI now offers tactile technology components as well as turn-key systems such as the Tactile Situational Awareness System (TSAS). Related biomedical research has focused on applications of vibrotactile transducers in the evaluation of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and balance rehabilitation. We have received federal funding to further develop and advance these products into clinical trials.




Dr. Bruce J.P. Mortimer is Director of Research and Development at Engineering Acoustics, Inc. and leads EAI's engineering, human factors, and psychophysical efforts in vibrotactile transducers. Dr. Mortimer holds five patents and is experienced in biomedical devices, clinical studies, sensory integration instrumentation, embedded systems, ultrasonic, acoustics, and haptics. He has been an invited subject matter expert at the Army Coalition Warfare Program, Tactual Sway Biofeedback (mTBI) held in Rockville, MD, June 2010, as well as a special panelist at the 54th Human Factors Engineering Conference.

Gary A. Zets, EAI's president and founder has extensive experience in the management, design, development and marketing of technology. He initiated the design and manufacture of vibrotacile transducers at EAI in 1995, and has been instrumental in finding and developing novel applications for tactile technology. He routinely manages multi-disciplinary engineering efforts, including SBIR and STTR programs, for government and commercial sponsors. Mr. Zets holds multiple patents and has co-authored a number of papers, including a NATO publication on tactile technology.